It's clear that Covid-19 is a threat to nearly all nations. In Kenya currently (Apr 20), the number of new cases is increasing daily. This has resulted in lockdown of counties and interrupted learning program.
People and the Government were poorly prepared as far as Covid-19 is concerned. With the lockdown, food supply has become problematic. Most people are experiencing hunger and it has reached a point where the Government and well wishers are feeding some people.
Moreover, a situation that's worrying me is where you find that the virus is mutating, behaving differently or is adapting. This is evident in several reported cases where people are infected but not showing the usual signs. This is terrifying as the disease now is in a position of spread silently. To make matters worse, the Government has not yet put in the best measures to control spread. This is evident where on 21st April 2020, it was reported that some people who were quarantined escaped because the conditions in the quarantine zone were not favourable.
This calls for rules to be followed strictly together with instructions given by the WHO which encourage people around me to follow them too as this disease is accelerating at a high rate. 
John Munene Muthee
Medical Microbiology student- JKUAT