30 December 2023

Dear Sponsors, Donors and Friends,

As the year comes to an end, I am writing to update you on the Trust and to thank you for your support which enables us to thrive and support our scholars and schools so successfully in Kenya.

I start with brief reflections on the very sad passing of Harry Vialou-Clark MBE in March of this year. The Langalanga Scholarship Fund (LLSF) and Kariandusi School Trust (KST), created in 1999 and 2003 respectively, and subsequently merged to form the Langalanga Trust, were his creations – Colonel VC laid the foundations, built the fabric and set the moral conditions. Hundreds of academically-able Kenyan children living in extreme poverty have benefited from his vision and energy. Finding donations to build on the scale he did (16 primary schools and two secondary schools) is never easy – it takes passion and persuasion. He was charming, tough, principled and worked tirelessly to imbue in scholars integrity and high standards, and ensured all financial support was deployed wisely. And underlying every act, he cared deeply for those in need in a country he loved. If you want to read more, a brief history can be found here: Langalanga Trust - Our History.

Trustees are deeply conscious of VC’s legacy and whilst the Trust has evolved, I am pleased to report that our scholars continue to thrive, and we continue to provide a range of other charitable services to schools in the Rift Valley. I am delighted to report that we appointed Dr Joyce Njeri earlier in the year to be the first Kenyan Trustee. She is a senior academic teaching at Karatina University, and has brought considerable experience, context and understanding to our governance. She also oversees activities in Kenya, advising scholars, specifically in welfare, education and their transition to further education, and acts as a role model to our women scholars.

2023 has been a year of relative stability and whilst world events have led to significant increases in costs, we have supported 28 scholars at secondary level, and have seen the majority of those in further education graduate. Two scholars remain in full-time education studying medicine and pharmacy. A few others are being supported by sponsors to complete courses to meet additional functional standards and these will be joined by a further seven scholars in 2024 as they move up from secondary school.

Our in-country team of alumni volunteers continue to support the Trust magnificently. They assist, among other things, in administering and mentoring our secondary scholars and in delivering our ‘Lunchbox’ programme, which provides a lunch meal for two primary schools in the most deprived areas of Gilgil. This year, they also supported the visit of 22 students from Ardingly College’s LVI, who returned to Kenya after several years away and taught and completed project work at both Mwega and Ndogo Primary Schools. Below, I attach photographs for interest but our website (at this link: Langalanga Trust) provides further details on the work that we do.


It will come as no surprise to you that costs have risen in Kenya. Whilst we are enormously grateful for the sponsorship we receive, demand always exceeds our capacity to provide support. There is always scope to take on more and so we would love to hear from anyone who is interested in sponsoring a scholar (please get in touch through this email address: [email protected]) or if you are considering a donation, then please go to our website at: langalangatrust.org.uk.

I close with an email and photograph from Mary Waithera who has recently graduated with a degree in architecture and building science. She has agreed that I can share her message with you as an example of the difference that your support can make.

“I want to genuinely express my deepest appreciation for the very crucial role your sponsorship and support has played in making my education journey possible, which not only lifted the financial burden but also served as a beacon of motivation through these years. The journey has been transformative with many challenges and triumphs. Your tireless support has enabled me to overcome these obstacles and acted as a constant source of encouragement when situations got very tough.

I stand at the threshold of my next chapter with a reflection on the invaluable lessons and experiences I have gained during my studies. Your impact extends beyond the academic realm and has shaped my character and instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities bestowed upon me. I am very grateful for your belief in my potential and your investment in my education and my life at large. I look forward to walking into the world and making a positive impact using the lessons learnt and inspired by the generosity and grace you have shown me.”

Finally, Trustees and I, and of course our scholars, are enormously grateful for the tremendous generosity and support that many of you have given over the years and continue to provide – I say a huge ‘thank you’. The Langalanga Trust is making a real difference to the lives it touches and you help us make it happen.

All my very best wishes for the Christmas season and for the year ahead.


Kind regards,

Geoff Nield

Chairman LLT


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