Mary Waithera Kuria went to Simba Primary School and received her scholarship to Jomo Kenyatta Girls High School in 2009. She then secured a degree at the Technical University of Kenya in the Built Environment, which was then extended by 2 years to convert her degree to Architecture. Her course was extended because of the Coronavirus pandemic, among other things, before she finally qualified in August 2023.
She has agreed that we can share her note to Trustees following her graduation in December 2023.
"Merry Christmas. I hope this email finds you in high spirits this festive season. I am well and having a great time. I am writing with a heart full of joy and gratitude after completion of my studies and a successful graduation which took place in T.U.K school grounds on Dec. 19.
I want to genuinely express my deepest appreciation for the very crucial role your sponsorship and support has played in making my education journey possible, which not only lifted the financial burden but also served as a beacon of motivation through these years. The journey has been transformative with many challenges and triumphs. Your tireless support has enabled me to overcome these obstacles and acted as a constant source of encouragement when situations got very tough.
I stand at the threshold of my next chapter with a reflection on the invaluable lessons and experiences I have gained during my studies. Your impact extends beyond the academic realm and has shaped my character and instilled in me a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunities bestowed upon me. I am very grateful for your belief in my potential and your investment in my education and my life at large. I look forward to walking into the world and making a positive impact using the lessons learnt and inspired by the generosity and grace you have shown me."