We are looking to support at least 2 new scholars to attend national secondary schools in 2024. Selections are made in January  each year from the 14 Primary Schools in the Langalanga area that we support. Scholarship candidates will need to have achieved very high grades in their Kenyan Certificate for Primary Education (KCPE) and sit within the top 10% across Kenya. The area Chief will also need to validate that they come from very poor backgrounds whose family or relations (recognising that some of our scholars come from single parent families or are supported by wider family) cannot fund attendance at a suitable secondary school which would give them the education  that their talents deserve.

Please consider a donation to support a scholar through secondary education by going to the Donate button. If you want to make a huge difference to the lives of one of these children and are interested in supporting their journey in full over the next few years then please contact us at [email protected]